Flu, Fever, and Festive Words

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that it has been quiet for a while.  You may also have noted that – other than finishing off my extended Inktober challenge – I have not produced any art in weeks.  The reason for both is that I was laid low by some mysterious nasty viral thing.  It probably all started on Thanksgiving Day when I spent a large chunk of the day at Urgent Care.  That illness then segued into what I thought was a sinus infection.  I get sinus infections a couple of times every winter so I am used to just treating the symptoms and pushing through.  But then I started to feel really cruddy.  Seriously awful.  What I assumed was a series of separate cruddy illnesses was, it appeared, probably all part of a bigger illness.  A nurse friend diagnosed me with ‘flu from a distance but who really knows.  I just know it was completely debilitating and was the most ill I have felt since I had ‘flu when my 8 year old was a newborn.  During my entire working life, I have had seven sick days off work; three of them were this month.  I had fevers, chills, aches, zero appetite, and a pounding headache that stretched from the backs of my eyes all the way down my neck.  Thankfully my kids are all now old enough to largely fend for themselves and get themselves to and from school because I really was not functioning as a human being let alone as a parent.  Since recovering, I have been very tired – perhaps with some sort of post-viral fatigue – so I have had almost zero free time because staying on top of regular work, chores, family life, and festive planning is taking me longer than usual.  Still, worse things happen at sea and I am thankful to have my health generally.  That, however, is why I have been absent from blogging and why I have not spent any time at my art table.

Still, I was desperate to do something arty because I don’t feel fully like myself unless I am doing something creative.  I, therefore, picked up my Art Journal because it does not matter a jot if I complete the page or not or make a mess in my art journal.  I looked at last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt which was to  use a quotation.  I am not one of those people who has inspirational quotations to hand so I was pondering what to write while overhearing my kids, who were decorating a gingerbread house in an adjacent room.  They were listening to Christmas music so that gave me my inspiration.  I have been thinking about practicing some brush lettering for a while so I thought that writing down some festive words using a brush dipped in watercolour paint would be an easy, fuss-free way to fill a journal page.  My brush lettering still needs a great deal of work, especially since I have a tendency to be inconsistent and to lapse into just using my own handwriting, but it was fun to practice and it was therapeutic to sit down at my art table again and splash around in some paint.

50 - Festive Words

21 thoughts on “Flu, Fever, and Festive Words

  1. So sorry to hear about your illness, but at least you now seem to be on the mend. Getting sick is just the worst, especially when you have a life to live! Your page of lettering is wonderful! I like the variety of styles, even lapsing into your own handwriting. ( : I love words and have always loved all variations of calligraphy and lettering. Your page brings a smile to my face – and bonus points for the ombre effect on “yule.”

    • Well done for spotting my attempt at blending two colours. It didn’t go so well so I didn’t attempt that again on this page. One challenge at a time.

      As illnesses go, it wasn’t that big a deal. I didn’t need to go to hospital or even receive medical treatment and it was acute and pretty short lived. So many people deal with far worse on a daily basis. It just knocked the stuffing out of me as I’m usually pretty healthy.

    • The definite upside of getting ill when I did was that I’m recovering in time for the holidays. This year it’s just the six of us too, no guests and no commitments, so that gives me permission to chill a bit.

  2. I did notice your absence Laura even while I was simply deleting all my blog posts due to the upheavals (literally 🙂 ) at this end. I also heard a nursing friend say towards the end of our last winter that the last bout of ‘flu’ brought a plethora of symptoms and a lingering exhaustion that took six weeks to dissipate – I hope that will not be your experience! It’s good that you are back practising your art – I always admire your tenacity and dedication to your development as an artist. My brush lettering is abysmal – perhaps I too should practise 🙂 All the best for your full return to health!

  3. Can we just please discuss this “seven sick days” off work in your career? What abnormal super-human hath God made in you? No days of nausea or lady cramps or tonsillectomy or fevers or unhygienic kung pao dishes forcing you on your knees, filling up your years like the rest of us? Your Native American name should be “strong like bull.”

    • As a teacher, I did get unwell from time to time but usually during breaks. I think many educators experience the same. It’s when we relax that the immune system lets down its defenses and all those kid germs run rampant. Plus generally I’m pretty healthy. Apart from winter colds and sinus troubles, I can go long periods without any illness. I do, however, feel like those periods are getting a tad shorter now I’m in my 40s.

  4. Ugh! Flu is dreadful, not to be compared to a normal cold, so people who complain about a touch of flu when they have a little sniffle annoy me. I think i’ve had flu twice, once when I was about 12 and once in my late 20s, and I hope never to have it again. Take care and get well soon.

    I like your page of Christmas words, it’s really pretty.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Anabel. If this was flu rather than some other nasty virus thing, then it was just the third time I’ve ever had flu in my life. I had it once in my early teens and then the time I mentioned being 8 years ago. I’m hoping I never have it again.

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