Narrow Zombie

Having spent such little time at my art table this past month, I decided to participate in the challenge of using the materials from my December Art Snacks subscription box to create something.  Between working in a preschool and doing festive stuff with my own kids, I have been up to my eyeballs in cutesy, whimsical, adorable winter arts and crafts.  I, therefore, decided that I needed an antidote and looked to one of my default art subjects for inspiration: zombies.

The box included a pad of Grumbacher mixed media paper and its narrow format gave me the idea of drawing a zombie squeezing through a narrow shape.  I had not used a Krink paint marker before so I watered its acrylic down and used it to fill in the entire illustration.  The Bruynzeel coloured pencils added more shading and detail to the zombie and then I used the green Pentel Slicci gel pen to create a frame around the drawing.  The box also included a Caran d’Ache gold marker but I will use that in other future projects.  It just didn’t strike me as right for a zombie.  I have missed drawing zombies.  I need to draw more of them.

Zombie - Art Snacks - December 2017


16 thoughts on “Narrow Zombie

  1. I hate zombies and everything related to them, so I almost didn’t look at this, but the way he’s stepping out of the frame and everything around the drawing charmed me–much against my inclinations.

  2. Your zombie is so cool and I love the narrow format that you used. Art Snacks looks like so much fun–I really have no skill at drawing, but it looks like it might inspire me to take up an offer from a friend to give me some lessons.

    • Oh my. What a wonderful compliment to have contributed in some small way to having inspired someone. The thing about the Art Snacks challenge that I enjoy is that it forces me to use a combination of media and colours that I might not otherwise pick up and combine in one piece. It forces me to think more creatively and try new things.

  3. This is brilliant, Laura! You really should do more zombies, especially in unusual formats. You definitely used the Art Snacks supplies to their best.

    • So many products have utterly bonkers names. I remember when I was wee asking my Dad to buy me a chocolate covered toffee bar and him saying, “I really don’t want to have to ask for a Curly Wurly”. And thank you for the encouragement regarding the zombies.

  4. You know I’m a bit ‘meh’ too about zombies and other odd creatures – but the execution of this one and especially the way he steps beyond the frame is brilliant! I never thought I’d encourage you, but yes, draw more zombies 🙂

    • Another zombie hater converted, even if just fleetingly. It is funny that you mentioned the hair because one of my kids picked up on the fact that I had drawn him looking pretty rotten but his hair was still pretty neat.

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