Coral Orbs

This is the art journal page I created with this month’s Art Snacks supplies.  The figure is painted using two Faber-Castell markers that can be activated with water to imitate watercolour.  What I really got addicted to, however, was a Kuretake pen that makes circles.  I had thought I would just add a few dots in the background but clearly I got carried away.  You can see how  much of a battering I put my art journal through by how crinkled and buckled this page is.  It will flatten out over time because of the weight in the rest of the journal.  It’s one of the reasons why I find photographing my doodlings to be a challenge.

Art Snacks - Feb 2020

Rainbow Art Journal – Heart of the Forest

Will I create an illustration in the green section of my Rainbow Art Journal that does not involve foliage?  It is looking doubtful based on the evidence so far.  Women with antlers crop up in my artwork from time to time and I really don’t have an explanation for why or what they might symbolise for me.  I wish I had a deeper explanation than the fact I just seem to enjoy drawing this subject.  Also, I should probably develop my skills with painting leaves as I am pretty sure my abilities in that regard have not developed since my age was in single digits.

47 - Heart of the Forest

Woman in Red

I had not worked in my random art journal for a while so a good way to grease the cogs and grind the rust off my creative gears was to complete this month’s Art Snacks challenge and complete a page using just the supplies in this month’s box.  I used the pencil to draw the face – and it was refreshing to use a pencil as more than just a medium for rough sketching – and then set about using the other items to create the rest of the illustration.  I had no idea how either of these media worked and had no vision of how I wanted the finished piece to look and, well, it probably shows.  I truly did just mess around and created puddles of pigment and scraped things around, let things puddle, and encouraged dribble.  My conclusion was that I did not particularly like either of the materials that are new to me and that I had very little skill with either of them.  I don’t like the finished illustration.  However, I am happy to have experimented and sometimes learning what doesn’t work for you is of as much value as learning what does.

Woman in Red - Art Snacks - Jan 2020

Rainbow Art Journal – Skeleton Deer

If my calculations are correct, then this is the 50th illustration in my Rainbow Art Journal.  If my assessment is correct, it is going to take me several years to actually complete every single page in this particular art journal and complete this rainbow themed project.  I need to pick up the pace.  This page was super quick and easy to work on because all of that background layering of green paint had accumulated as side projects over time.  When I have some leftover paint (or scraps of paper or whatever) I have just been lobbing them on a page in this art journal and that way some pages just fill up over time.  Therefore, when I was in a coffee shop with my local art journaling group, this page was ready and waiting for me to add to it.  Maybe it’s the time of year – Rudolph and all that – but I almost immediately thought about drawing a deer skeleton.  Part of my inspiration certainly came from the Ouroboros I drew a couple of years ago.  That illustration was more effective, perhaps because it could pass as more anatomically correct.  This deer skeleton is, however, weirdly proportioned and overall looks pretty dorky and derpy.  But that’s OK.  Whimsically weird has its charms too.

50 - Skeleton Deer

Rainbow Art Journal – Ferns

This page in the green section of my Rainbow Art Journal was created in response to an Art Snacks challenge.  I actually painted it all the way back in April 2018.  At the time,  thought I might add more to it but, given I did not, I am considering it done.  All the green is ink used at different levels of dilution and the orange is a watercolour pencil.  Green and orange are among my least used colours but I actually quite like the combination of the two here.

46 - Ferns

Rainbow Art Journal – Lady in Green

I painted this figure as part of the August 2019 Art Snacks challenge (so those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen it before).  The contents of the box included yellow and green acrylic paints and a fineliner ink pen, not media that immediately jumped out as working together.  My workaround was to draw the head and figure on paper using the fineliner and then collage it onto the page after I had added the first layer of paint.  Having mixed different shades of green from paints provided, I then created patterns on the torso/clothing of the figure.  I cheated a wee bit as I used a black paint pen for the hair and a white gel pen for some of the patterns on the clothing.  Incidentally, I have no idea why the photograph has made the yellow on the face and arms look so fluorescent.  It does not look at all like that in real life and is actually pretty subtle.  Maybe some day I will master phone photography.

45 - Lady in Green

Pig Faced Lady of Manchester Square

I have not opened any of my art journals for a while so I thought I would crack one open and have a dabble.  I decided to draw one of my favourite figures from sideshow history, the Pig Faced Lady of Manchester Square (spoiler alert: actually a shaved bear).  I have drawn her before, including in an art journal page from back in 2015, but I decided to go a bit more cute and whimsical for this version.  I regret that decision now and actually wish I had gone darker and more grotesque with it.  I feel very meh about this illustration but it’s on a random (and crinkly) page in my art journal so that doesn’t matter.  Next Pig Faced Lady will be creepier though.

37 - Pig Faced Lady of Manchester Square