Rainbow Art Journal – Windy Day

I have been neglecting my art journals these past several months because all of my art time has been focused on my Star Wars character challenge.  I have especially been neglecting my Rainbow Art Journal, a project I really should have completed by now whereas in actuality I don’t think I am even half way through.  This month’s Art Snacks box, however, contained a colour palette that was perfect for transitioning out of the green section of that journal and into the blue.  On the theme of transitions, this weekend was really the first feeling of Autumn nipping at the heels of Summer.  After a hot and humid Summer, we have had some misty, chilly mornings and I actually donned an extra layer of clothing.  Maybe that was what inspired me to sketch out a figure being blown in the wind.

55 Windy Day

18 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Windy Day

      • No, they do not. They do not have fully American accents either though. To my ear they sound quite American but, when I hear them in the context of their classmates, they still have a British twang. My oldest son has an accent that probably cannot be pinned down at all and my youngest has a bit of a Scottish burr. That is because I have to work with him on his speech therapy so I have undue influence on his articulation of certain sounds. The middle two certainly sound the most American.

      • I do think our accents largely get fixed at some point in our lives and I also think we switch the strength of our accents depending on context.

        One of my Uncles emigrated to Australia when he was in his late 20s and not only did he retain his Scottish accent but it was identifiably a Doric accent. My accent has not remotely changed in the 7 years I’ve lived in the US. I consciously slow down my speech to be more intelligible (I am a natural speed talker thanks I think to my Shetland roots) and I have to concentrate on vocabulary but, if I don’t focus on it, I speak with my standard Fifer accent and the vocabulary switches back on too. When I have been on Skype with my family, my accent goes really quite broad again for a while. Because we were sheltering in place for months with little conversation with Americans, my accent went really thick over the Summer to the point that even my own kids couldn’t always understand what I was saying.

      • One thing I have never picked up is Scottish vowel sounds, but otherwise I think I sound really Scottish till I hear my voice recorded. I am Geordie overwritten with Glasgow and a little bit of Yorkshire thrown in! Many people can’t place me, a bit like your oldest son.

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