40 Drawings in 40 Days – #28 – Cronus

Cronus was the leader of the Titans.  He seized power by castrating his father, Uranus, and was then deposed by his own son, Zeus.  Karma.

The most grotesque bit of Cronus’ story concerns his consumption of his children.  It had been prophesied that Cronus’ fall from power would be at the hands of his own children.  His paramour was Rhea, his sister, and every time she had another child, Cronus would eat it.  When she was ready to deliver the sixth child, Rhea somehow concealed baby Zeus and tricked Cronus in order that Zeus be spared from being daddy’s latest snack.  In doing so, Zeus was able to grow up and deal with his horrible father.  In some versions of the myth, he gave his father an emetic that made Cronus spew up all of his children; in other versions of the myth, Zeus cut his father open and the siblings were disgorged that way.  Not especially pleasant either way.  Reunited outside their father’s bowels, the children were able to organize themselves and defeat Cronus.

Not especially wanting to draw Cronus vomiting up his children or having them appear from his sliced gizzards, I decided to draw the Titan chowing down on his Olympian offspring.  I drew him to look grizzled and ravenous, about to bite into a hoagie roll stuffed full of little gods and goddesses, plus some lettuce and tomato to be healthy and an olive garnish.

2014-09-28 11.22.43

Hungry Daddy

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