Rainbow Art Journal – Orange and Grey

The materials that arrived in my March Art Snacks box happened to be grey and orange so I thought I would use them to create another page in the orange section of my Rainbow Art Journal.  I love working with grey because it goes with everything and I like the way it works with the orange in this illustration.  I am still playing around with these female figures with the disconnected arms so I drew another one.  Previous versions have had very angular torsos, I think because I was initially inspired by classical herma.  This time, I decided to try the idea of the floating forearms along with a more twisted torso shape.  I don’t know whether this whole detached limb thing is aesthetically pleasing or successful but I am enjoying being liberated from proportions so I will probably experiment with it for a wee while longer.

29 - Orange and Grey

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Orange and Grey

    • Thanks, Sharon. I first did the disconnected arms thing on a whim but I liked that it freed me up from getting the angles and proportions right with various arm and hand positions. This way I can focus more on the hands – an area of particular challenge for me – and maybe develop in that area for now.

    • Thank you, Kit. It seemed like a great idea at the time but it has been well over a year since I started it and I have only completed the black and red sections – and have almost finished the orange. It’s good to have a journal on the go where, when I find extra time to sit down and experiment, I already have a predetermined colour theme to spark the creativity.

    • I’m finding it is a useful prompt to focus my creativity when I have some available time and motivation but am maybe lacking inspiration. Having a themed journal gives me that jumping off point.

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