Square Studies

Last week’s Life Book lesson was a fun tutorial by Kristin Dudish.  It essentially made a kind of game out of close observation and small studies of parts of an image that would build up to a whole.  It involved using a source image to copy so I chose to use a vintage photograph to steer clear of the whole copyright thing.  We were encouraged to use different media in each square.  However, I was working on this piece late at night and in front of a movie and I quite frankly felt like relaxing and being a bit lazy so I just used different colours of watercolour pencil activated with a water brush.

I have not done such close observational drawing since I left Scotland.  It was something I used to do at life drawing class ever so often – really study an ear or the fingers of one hand – but after almost three years I thought I would be more rusty than I proved to be.  It was a really fun exercise and an enjoyable way to translate what can be a challenging skill into something easily digestible and entertaining.  I think I might even take this approach again in my art journal as useful practice.  Maybe my kids would have fun trying it too.

Week 22 - Square Studies

8 thoughts on “Square Studies

  1. This is a cool concept. Sometimes I make a piece that involves piecing together several different colors of paper to serve as the backdrop and draw right over that. This method can either lead to a very vibrant drawing if the colors chosen are very different from each other or a very atmospheric drawing if the papers are similar in color.

    • Thank you for your comment, Daniel. I like your idea of a colourful background composed of colourful papers. I’ve drawn over random splotches of colour before but not little blocks of colour paper. I may have to try that some time. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

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