This week’s Colour Me Positive theme was Abudance.  I seem to be on a kick of producing illustrations in my art journal, turning it more into a sketchbook.  This week was no different but I decided to use acrylic rather than ink and/or watercolour.  As soon as I read the word “abundance” I had an idea of fecundity and growth, maybe the goddess Demeter (Roman Ceres).  Having my visual in my head, I got to work in the journal.  I used Dylusions paints for the background.  I like how thick they are, bold, vibrant, and a little goes a long way.  I finger painted the background which was fun.  The figure was outlined with a Stabilo All pencil and filled in with acrylic.  The plants were drawn with a Posca paint pen.

21 - Abundance Art Journal Page

18 thoughts on “Abundance

    • Thanks, Hannah. I love fingerprinting. It’s so satisfying. It also handy with the journal because I have so much control over the paint when it reaches the edges, therefore reducing the risk of it spoiling the reverse page.

  1. I love how she seems to be growing from the earth with the leafy plants. And her beautifully fresh face. She really is blooming. And I also like the enigmatic expression she has. Full of secrets.

    • I bet you are better than you think. We are all our own worst critics. It just takes commitment and practice and you’ve already got the main components which are enjoyment and enthusiasm.

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