Monochrome Profile

This week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Juna Biagioni.  The way Biagioni paints is fascinating to watch, the way she pulls form and detail out of broad strokes and lots of layers.  It is not a method I have any competence with, as became clear from my attempt at her last lesson.  Perhaps more significantly, it is not a style I aspire to because it is just not “me”.  I am definitely more of an illustrator than a painter.  I, therefore, decided to use the essence of the lesson but apply it to a much more illustrative piece.  In doing so, I could do the chunky brush strokes and the layering but not have to contend with keeping proportions realistic.  What emerged on the page is not great but at least it is authentically “me”.

Week 21 Monochrome Profile

14 thoughts on “Monochrome Profile

  1. I think what matters most is finding and expressing who we are. I still don’t know my identity as an artist, but there are times when I do know that something “isn’t me”. Authenticity is one of the most important elements in art, I’ve learned. I like your monochrome portrait.

  2. It’s lovely. You’re your own worst critic, you know? I’m glad you recognized that it’s authentically you. That’s the ingredient that makes art special. 🙂

  3. I think you made the best decision of following who you are and how you do your art. Following your heart always always brings outs the best in what you do. What materialized in your page was totally so you, Laura. I like her!

    • Thanks, Carrie Lynn. When you watch a tutorial where what the artist produces is so appealing it’s difficult to not try to emulate them, not make that your aim. I have to be mindful at times to be true to me when it comes to these courses.

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