Inky Jellyfish

I love to draw jellyfish – as I have shared before in this blog – and I was recently inspired to draw more of them after looking at Leanne Cole’s superb photographs of jellyfish over on her blog.  I was itching to get drawing jellyfish but could not seem to find time to make a start.  Then the prompt for this week’s Documented Life Project prompt arrived in my inbox and  I knew immediately what I wanted to create in my art journal: jellyfish, of course!  The theme continues to be photography, which tied into me using Leanne’s wonderful images as the scaffolding for my drawings, and the prompt was silhouette, which I thought I could happily interpret as meaning the strong and black inky lines of my drawings against a bright background.

I usually only create one page in my art journal for my DLP challenges but this week I got entirely carried away and made three.  Having sketched several jellyfish in my small sketchbook, I could not decide between the three I liked the most.  Three drawings was a good excuse to experiment with different backgrounds – spray inks in different colours and watercolour – so I had a lot of fun playing around with the creation of the bright backgrounds and with drawing the jellyfish with a brush and my trusty pot of ancient India Ink.

Please do let me know which jellyfish and/or background you like best of the bunch.

Week 38 - Jellyfish 1

Week 38 - Jellyfish 2

Week 38 - Jellyfish 3

14 thoughts on “Inky Jellyfish

  1. The colours in all of them are so wonderful! I think I like the last one best! I am very fond of blue and purple combinations! I also think I like that jellyfish the best. I looks so graceful.

    • Thank you very much. I have never used that looping mark to draw a jellyfish before but now that I have done it I do wonder why I never did before. It just came to me looking at the photograph by Leanne Cole that inspired it.

  2. All three versions are wonderful with yummy colors and different jelly fish varieties. The second one is top on my list because it has the color green (my fave color) and because out of the three the jelly fish, the second one seems to be so fierce and fearless.

    • Thank you. It’s funny how that second one is way ahead in popularity. I think that is the background I like best but I think I like the third drawing best but that’s possibly because I had fun drawing it rather than how it looks.

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