Face Mapping

For the third lesson in the Let’s Face It course, I drew a face from my imagination.  The nose is rather long, perhaps because the eyes seem quite high.  I need to keep practicing this.  Back to basics.

Week 3 Face Mapping without Reference

I then produced a second drawing using a photograph as a reference.  I am a bit squeamish about using other people’s photographs as the scaffolding for my art work without asking their permission first.  I, therefore, selected a vintage photo of Evelyn Nesbit to work from.  Until I drew Freya a short while ago, I had not completed a drawing in just graphite pencil for eons.  The advantage of using pencil was that I was able to work on it while sitting on the sofa watching a movie with my kids.  I should keep practicing with pencil ever so often I think.  My rust is showing.

Week 3 Face Mapping with Reference




9 thoughts on “Face Mapping

  1. Pencil: yes.

    I think somehow the foreheads are too low? And I agree, too much nose. But. I really love the portrait. The expression is just wonderful, she looks like a classical myth being, somehow.

    • Thank you very much. It is quite interesting going back to basics like this again and really seeing where I go right and where I go wrong. Of course, I also get away with a lot since I rarely aim for realism. That helps fudge awkward proportions.

      • I am not interested in perfection or verisimilitude either. I think because I also love taking photographs, I would use the camera if I wanted that level of accuracy and visual truth. What I am really working on with all of this learning is finding a means to get my vision and my outcome to match up as well as trying new things, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, shaking off the cobwebs and seeing what happens.

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