History of Art #24 – Picasso

It was a lot of fun to teach the boys about Picasso as part of our History of Art project.  It is possible to be really playful with Picasso plus not having any worries about even attempting verisimilitude meant the kids were much less inhibited.  Guernica is my favourite Picasso painting so we spent some time looking at the details of that painting, the impact of the tangle of figures and the way they conveyed messages about the chaos of conflict, the emotions of anguish and suffering.  We then looked at some portraits and the composition of the features so that they appear familiar and yet awry simultaneously.  That then became the inspiration for our creative responses to the lesson.

I demonstrated with some quick sketches.  I asked the kids to suggest some animals and then I produced rapid drawings with wonky features.

24 - Picasso - Animals - Laura

My 9 year old produced a drawing of a man. The eyeball in the middle of the bearded chin is effectively disconcerting.

24 - Picasso - O

My 8 year old drew Robin.  I think it’s brilliant.

24 - Picasso - E

My 12 year old predictably opted to draw a penguin and his penguin is flanked by a peculiar looking seal and a narwhal.

24 - Picasso - AB

My 6 year old took a completely different approach and drew a diagram of choosing the different components to make up a human figure.  I love his imagination.

24 - Picasso - AR

I painted a self-portrait as my response to the Picasso lesson and had a lot of fun doing so.  It is definitely quite freeing to not be concerned about the accuracy of proportions and shapes.

24 - Picasso - Laura

You can see my Picasso Bunny by hopping over to my art blog.


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