The Documented Life Project theme continues to be concerned with adding texture to art journal pages.  This week we were encouraged to use modelling paste.  I do not own modeling paste as I doubt it is something I would make great use of.  The Art to the 5th ladies had helpfully suggested some alternatives for those of us who do not possess that product.  However, I did not have an appropriate substitute nor the time to learn how to make my own modeling paste courtesy of YouTube tutorials.  I decided, therefore, to just focus on the phrase prompt for this week which was “rising to the occasion”.

Mulling over the phrase for a while as I went about my chores, I happened to be tidying up around a sculpture I own which is titled “If I Rise on the Wings of the Dawn”, taken from Psalm 139.  Ping!  That was my idea.

I created a rough bird shaped mask from a piece of scrap paper and placed it on my art journal page.  I then used watercolour paint to spatter all over the page.  Mr Pict says that spattering and dripping is becoming very much my “thing” with art.  I definitely enjoy it.  All that spatter left behind the negative space of the bird.  I then drew in a little female figure using a light blue pen.  I kept the figure quite simple, almost naive, and wanted to create the impression of soaring.

I rather like how it turned out and I think I will use the spatter technique to play around with negative space in future too.

Week 20 - Rise


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