Galaxy Girl

My response to this week’s Life Book lesson is an example of my commitment to share my art work from that course whether I like the outcome or not.  The lesson was taken by Susana Tavares and was about illustrating with watercolour and adding finishing details with pen.  It was a lesson that should have been comfortably within my wheelhouse but somehow I still went wrong.  I started with the face and struggled to render decent flesh tones.  I think I went too heavy with the ochre for the shadows, I didn’t maintain enough white paper for highlights, and I didn’t get the pinks looking rosy enough.  The hair was completed using a wet in wet technique and I definitely overdid it as it all feathered and bloomed more than I intended.  Straying from the exemplar in the tutorial, I decided the hair could be like the night sky, and I decided to string the planets from our solar system around her neck like a beaded necklace.  It was not a well thought through execution of the concept.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was completely over-scheduled and exhausted this week.  For me, art is a useful counterpoint to a stressful week but that does not mean the product is always as worthwhile as the act of creation itself.

12 Galaxy Girl

17 thoughts on “Galaxy Girl

  1. As usual, the flaws you see are the parts that I really like. That hair is fantastic! The blooms are a great effect. And I like that you turned it into a galaxy and complemented it with the solar system. (Thanks for including Pluto, our poor little downgraded dwarf planet.)

    • Thanks. It is not that it is a complete disaster but I am just dissatisfied with it. I am still glad I did it because carving out some art time was important for my stress management.

      The inclusion of Pluto was controversial in my household. My kids were debating whether or not it should be included and, even more so, why had I not included Sedna? The answer, of course, is because my knowledge of the solar system is limited and old school.

  2. I like the creativity: hair for night sky, ring of planets as a necklace…I think the concept merits a re-do at a future time when perhaps things are more calm. Even without a re-do – art making is such a good stress reliever! Glad you were able to do some creating!! Hope this week is smoother for you!

  3. Aaaah, you’re always so hard on yourself! There’s so much skill in here, and as usual I’m amazed at your ability to always squeeze art time into your crammed schedule. Here’s hoping the coming week is a bit calmer!

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