Emerging from the Background

This week has not been a great art week for me.  It has been a busy week and I have had one of my kids at home sick for two days.  I have been too busy bleaching and disinfecting for the muse to visit me and my mojo has fled.  Coinciding with this episode of artistic cack-handedness, both the art courses this week presented me with techniques I found very difficult.  Maybe this week’s creative trough will lead me to an artistic peak next week.

This week’s Let’s Face It lesson was taken by Juna Biagioni and was essentially about gradually pulling a face out of a background layer using very loose brush marks.  I managed to start off with loose marks, moving the brush from my elbow rather than from my wrist, but in the final layers I tightened up too much.  I should have re-sketched the facial features and proportions between layers as I once more ended up painting a face with a long nose, large chin, and heavy jaw line whereas the proportions I had originally sketched were much rounder and more petite.  I guess everything gradually drifted south as I added each layer  I also failed entirely to achieve the softness that Biagioni’s art work demonstrates.

I will add that the piece is much warmer than it appears in the photo.  What looks very pale in the photo is actually a warm flesh tone in real life.  However, since my DSLR broke and I have not yet plumped up the courage to attempt a repair, I am having to make do with my phone’s camera.

Week 9 - Face Pulled from the Background

9 thoughts on “Emerging from the Background

    • You are too kind, Van. I don’t even mind so much that I lost the looseness in the mark making. I am most frustrated that I lost the facial proportions with each additional layer. I am annoyed at myself for not resketching as I went. I am compelled to cut corners when my spare time is limited but that is one I should not have cut.

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