Layers with a Whale

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Mary Beth Shaw who operates Stencil Girl Products.  Her lesson was all about building up a mixed media piece in layers incorporating, of course, stencils of varying scales.  Despite experimenting with mixed media techniques for two years now, I have made almost zero progress with either layering or stencilling.  I am equally inept at both.  The outcomes of such lessons are never pleasing.  I do keep trying though.

The aim of this lesson was to end up with a piece that looked colourfully grungy and textural, a graffiti, street art look.  Mine just looks like vandalism.  I had to improvise a fair bit because I don’t own many stencils and those I own tend to be small.  While I don’t like the overall effect of my finished piece, there are certainly elements from the layering I will take away and use in other projects – negative space highlighting of text, a technique for creating illegible handwriting – but not all in one piece because clearly I just make a mess when I combine too many things.

Week 10 - Layering with Text, Stencils, and Illegible Writing

7 thoughts on “Layers with a Whale

    • Thank you. I do like negative spaces and just space generally. That might be one of the many reasons I struggle with layering, everything starts to feel cramped and I then lose my way.

      • I think you’ve just put your finger on it! It’s all about us finding the balance for ourselves isn’t it! When I first started layering I used too many different colours and then added lots of shapes 🙂 And then wondered why I didn’t like it 🙂 More is not always the better way to go……… Which is why I need to practise more with negative shapes. Thank you for today’s lesson 🙂

      • Yes indeed. And I find with these art courses that I learn as much about what doesn’t suit me and what I don’t especially enjoy as much as I learn what I enjoy and want to keep experimenting with. There is always something from most if not all lessons that I can adopt into my usual art practice even if I don’t use the whole approach or technique.

      • Yep, it’s all grist for the mill! I still haven’t started back to work on last years course yet, though I have started to look at the first video lessons just to inspire me again …… itching to get going!!

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