A Tale of Two Kitties

We did not make it to two weeks before introducing the cats to each other.  It was becoming too much of a challenge to ensure that the boys, going in and out of their bedroom, were keeping Peanut sequestered and Satchi had also worked out how to open the door.  Since Peanut’s sutures had healed, we decided to start the process of letting the cats get to know each other, initially held by us and in short bursts and then for gradually longer periods until we decided we could let Peanut have the same freedom to roam as Satchi has.

The result has been quite interesting.  The two cats – one three legged and fluffy and one tiny and sleek – constantly stalk each other, tracking, hiding, pouncing.  There has been a great deal of wrestling and tussling.  It was a bit troubling at first, seeming to suggest that they would not get along, but teeth have not been bared, claws have not been out, and there has been very little hissing.


They do have their properly friendly moments too.  I caught Satchi licking Peanut’s fur the other day (unless he was just sampling the taste of him by way of an appetiser?) and they have been sharing – mostly food (to Satchi’s scoffing advantage) but also toys and the cat tree.  I like to think this all bodes well.


Presently, however, they mostly give each other a wide berth and do their own thing in their own spaces.  Satchi has always liked tucking himself away anyway which leaves Peanut plenty of scope to be permanently attached to a human.

Only time will tell if we made the right decision giving into our 8 year old’s plea and adopting a second cat.



18 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Kitties

    • Peanut is very cheeky and naughty. He is a kitten version of my youngest son basically. Also, as soon as I sit down, he climbs up and settles himself high up on my chest making tea drinking quite a challenge. I do think Satchi is enjoying his company though.

  1. If cats don’t like each other, the first sign is not seeing the other until one gets in the other’s face at which point the cat calling starts. Then there’s real trouble! The photos show these two are just fine and Satchi will teach Peanut his house rules in no time. In turn, Peanut will educate you as to his new house rules ……… The boys must be very happy – and you’ll get used to drinking your tea around a cat 🙂

    • Thank y0u very much for the words of encouragement. I appreciate it. Yes, the boys are loving having both cats. My 8 year old is especially pleased that Peanut has decided that his night time sleeping place is in his bed.

    • Thank you. It’s reassuring to hear from people who’ve introduced cats to each other. We always had such a menagerie when I was growing up that I don’t recall any friction but maybe I just didn’t notice.

      • I think cats learn to coexist or even better, become friends, most of the time, especially if they have places they can go to when they need solitude. At least that is what I have learned. What a surprise, just like people, right?

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