Ninjas Know No Fear

This week’s Colour Me Positive prompt was about being fearless.  There was a quotation and an additional prompt to use cut out words on the page.  I produced my page while with my monthly art journal MeetUp group – the first time I have been able to attend in several months – and decided to work on an illustration since I was using my portable journalling supplies.  My idea was to draw a group of sneaky, stealthy ninjas because ninjas are fearless.  And pretty cool.  I have doodled little ninjas many times before and even created a small lino block print of one a couple of years ago.  They are fun, quick, and easy to draw.  I used black and red ink for this art journal page because it kept things simple and because I enjoy using limited colour palettes.  I hope the ninjas make you smile.

8 - Fearless - Ninjas - Art Journal Page


14 thoughts on “Ninjas Know No Fear

      • Ha ha! Very probably. My kids also have Lego Ninjago figures so I think a lot of our “knowledge” of ninjas comes courtesy of Lego accessories. I know the throwing stars are correct. I’m just not sure about the shapes of the little daggers and things. But ninjas can’t reveal themselves in order to scold me.

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