A New Member of the Pict Family

My kids have been asking for a pet for the majority of years they have been on the planet.  Back home in Scotland, we did have pet cockroaches for a while.  Seven Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches.  They were fascinating creatures and pretty easy to look after but they did not quell the boys’ desire for a more cuddly pet.  The youngest two have been campaigning for a dog for a few years now.  Specifically they want a pug named Russell.  For several reasons, that was not going to happen.  However, Mr Pict and I decided that perhaps we would be willing to compromise with another type of pet.  We hoped that a pet might help the boys settle further into life here, make it feel more like home.  Mr Pict and I had had a cat before we became parents so we felt comfortable with the idea of having a cat.  We broke the news to the kids and they were ecstatic.

We decided to adopt a rescue cat so set about visiting rescue places to find the perfect cat for us.  We knew we wanted a young cat but one who was no longer a kitten and it also had to be a cat who was good around kids and tolerated lots of noise and hectic activity.  We also wanted a cat who was good with other cats since our aim is to have two so that they are buddies for each other when we are away for the day.  On Saturday, we went along to an adoption event run by the local animal control department.  We fell in love with a fluffy grey two year old cat named Satchi.  He had a rear leg amputated a week ago as he was picked up off the streets with a badly broken leg.  When we spent time with him, he was very affectionate and very tolerant of being in a confined space with four kids and two adults.  We decided he had to come home with us.

The boys are over the moon and are loving having a pet to snuggle and take care of.  Satchi is adjusting well to the Pict family home and is pretty mobile already on his three legs.  I have never had a house cat before (although I have cared for many cats before, they have all been allowed to spend time outdoors) so learning how to tweak the care regime is interesting.  Already he feels like part of the family.



35 thoughts on “A New Member of the Pict Family

    • Yes, that’s him. Doesn’t he have the sweetest face? We just had to take him home with us and make him part of the family. I just hope he thrives in our care and enjoys being part of our family.

      • Thank you. Yes, that was encouraging. We thought we might find it hard to find a cat who liked so many kids but he warmed to them right away.

        Unfortunately the other cat we applied to adopt was snapped up by another family who got the application in first. Not sad for the cat, of course, as he has found a loving home. We are, therefore, going to let Satchi settle properly first and then return to the shelters and see if we can find another cat who is a good fit for us.

      • Aw, that’s too bad :/ kid-friendly cats are kinda rare (I’ve never actually seen one myself!) so good luck with that. It’d be interesting to see whether the cats will get along well or they’ll have ‘territorial’ issues!

      • Those are definitely among our top criteria: must be able to tolerate a bunch of kids and their noise and chaos and must be able to at least potentially share space with another cat. It definitely narrows the selection but we have to make the cat’s wellbeing paramount, of course. Mr Pict saw a friendly one-eyed, one-eared cat up for adoption yesterday who fitted the specifications but I think one cat with parts missing is quite enough.

      • Very true. Mr Pict and I are happy to let Satchi settle down and then see what we think about another cat; the Pictlings, however, don’t know how to cool their heels and are desperate to get Satchi a buddy. Time well tell.

      • Pictlings, that’s a cute term 😀 well kids do get excited very easily, so I guess waiting a bit for a new pet will re-ignite the excitement later on (and maybe teach them to not stop caring about old things when new things come along)

      • Oh absolutely! My kids need to learn about delayed gratification big time. Everything is so high speed and instant these days that they don’t get much practice at it. That said, they have waited their entire childhoods for a pet that isn’t a cockroach so their excitement is understandable.

      • Aww ^^ they must be really happy. I was never allowed to have a pet myself (my mom was petunia-like in that matter) but I imagine it’s nice to have something to care for! I hope it’ll be a nice experience for you all 🙂

      • I’ll stick my nose in here and say as the owner (?) of a one-eyed cat, who is the best cat I’ve ever had and I’ve got thirty years of experience, is – my experience is that the “disabled” cat doesn’t focus on what’s missing, just goes on living with what he has got. In our case, he has the brightest sunniest spirit and I’m the lucky one.

        I sound like a cat lady. Oh no. Anyway, I am happy to hear of your new family member!

      • Yay! I didn’t know your cat was one-eyed. I think their “disabilities” makes them special. Our thoughts on just sticking to one “disabled” cat were simply financially motivated. As Satchi has only just undergone his amputation, it is too early to tell how mobile he will be and whether it will cause him additional wear and tear on his other joints and his back. So I was thinking of vet bills. Who knows though. We might well end up adopting another quirky kitty if we do decide to extend our furry family.

      • Our cat has had no health problems at all – he also has a gimpy hip from the same car accident that took his eye (from the info the cat rescue place told us). We’ve had him since 2011 and just routine shots. Healthy as any other cat we ever had and the best personality of all of them! I honestly think he has no idea he’s missing anything.

  1. Oh, he is gorgeous. And for what it’s worth, some cats are happier as only cats. We had two who loved each other dearly, then when one of them died we got another cat and the first cat had no use for him at all. You just never know. They’re like people–we like some people but not all of them.

    • Thanks, Ellen. That is definitely something we will be pondering, especially given we have taken on a “disabled” cat. Our previous cat was definitely an “only cat”. He would not have tolerated any competition for our affections. He was quite content doing his own thing during the day when we were at work. However, he was also an indoor-outdoor cat and we had a cat flap to permit him that freedom. Here, we have to keep the cat to the house for his own safety. My worry is, therefore, that he might pine for company when nobody is home. We did choose a cat based on his having gotten along with other cats at the shelter and in his brief stint in foster care so at least we know there is that possibility.

      Our adoption of the other cat has fallen through (another family pipped us to the post so it is still a happy ending for that cat) so we have room now to pause and think about whether to expand the furry members of the family.

      • Not an easy decision to make when you can’t consult the cat about it. We did once introduce a second (grown) cat who was so hard on the first cat that we had to take him back. We might have done better with a kitten, but–oh, cats work in mysterious ways and it’s hard to know.

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  3. As you know I am a mad cat lady and am so happy to hear your home has a pet now. It is so good for kids to learn to look after the needs of an animal – consider it a baby who never grows up. Your new boy looks beautiful and relaxed and I bet he is loving having lots of attention from your boys. If you decide to go ahead with #2 at a later date a younger kitty will be likely more easily adopted by Satchi who now has to be accorded the title of ‘Senior Cat’ in the Pict household, and he would most likely help out in showing the new cat the rules of the house, which makes life so much easier. Enjoy!

  4. He’s just gorgeous, amazing isn’t it how quickly a new addition becomes part of the family – such a cute face!! We’ve had the same pet requests from our son since forever, he wanted a dog too but we held out. In the end a cat adopted us – a stray cat and kitten appeared at the bottom of our garden in springtime to cut a long story short our neighbours took the mother, we kept the kitten and everyone lived happily ever after (so far!!). We had never owned a cat before but now I don’t know what we did without our little Bilbo.

    • Bilbo is the perfect name for a small cat who you found on a wander!

      We held out for so long because we were worried about having a cat near a relatively busy road (our house in Scotland was just down from the hospital so was on an ambulance route) and when the kids were wee it was just too much to have a cat or dog to look after on top of everything else. Even when we had the cockroaches, I did 100% of the looking after. The boys just played with them. Now the kids are older and cats in this area at least are all house cats and not allowed outdoors so there’s less risk involved so it just felt the time was right to have a pet. The boys are loving it. He sleeps in the bedroom of the youngest two which they think is the best thing ever.

      • I can imagine how much they must love that!! We have a big park area at the front of our house and don’t live near a main road so he can be out and about – he doesn’t wander far at all though and likes nothing better than sleeping on our bed!! Cats know when they’re on to a good thing…

      • I have had cats who barely left our garden and I have had cats who have wandered far and wide. They are all different. My last cat was fine when we lived in the suburbs in Essex but when we moved to Argyll he was unused to the speed of cars on rural roads and was sadly killed. That was the major factor in stopping me from getting another cat when we lived in Argyll. I have never had a house cat before so it will be interesting.

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