Rainbow Art Journal – Ruby Slippers

This page of my art journal was inspired by my very own ruby slippers.  I bought a pair of red, sequinned, cosy, comfy slippers a couple of months ago and I premiered them on my feet on Oscars night.  Nowadays I watch the Academy Awards while wearing my jammies so the sparkly slippers were my nod to red carpet glamour.  I love ‘The Wizard of Oz’ which was why I had to have the pair of ruby slippers for my feet in the first place.  Oddly, however, Oz only crops up ever so often in my art work.  Possibly my favourite illustration in my altered book was of one of the Witch’s flying monkeys wearing ruby slippers.  Anyway, that was the inspiration for the page.  It does not show very well in the photograph but there is metallic red on the shoes to make them glint and glimmer, as close to a suggestion of rubies as I could muster with my supplies.  I framed the illustration with text and regret that I did not map it out before I started writing because, clearly, I got the spacing and composition of the typography out of kilter.  But that is OK because I am only playing in my art journal.

8 Ruby Slippers

22 thoughts on “Rainbow Art Journal – Ruby Slippers

  1. Wonderful piece! I kind of like how the words turned out and the red on black is fantastic. Thanks for the link to the flying monkey. Can’t get enough of that guy.

  2. I love this piece of art, Laura.
    Like the idea of you sitting watching the Oscars in your sparkly slippers.
    We saw the real things at the V & A once, they were just as sparkly as we had hoped.

      • I felt compelled to go off an research a wee bit after our last chat. It seems like the production made between 6 and 10 pairs of the shoes. I guess it was a continuity thing to ensure that the shoes always looked shiny new and magical and not worn and battered. There are four pairs still in existence (one of those having been stolen) plus the Arabian sample pair that were in the collection of Debbie Reynolds. I rather suspect that the pair you saw at the V&A were the pair usually on display at the Smithsonian. Those are deteriorating rapidly now so they may not be on display for much longer.

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  4. How cute to imagine you with your ruby slippers and jammies. 🙂 I do that too with my green flats. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Your lettering is great and they don’t seem like crowding the whole art piece.

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