Pearl Girl

Last week’s Life Book lesson was one I really struggled with.  I had never taken a lesson with Lindsay Weirich so it was great to see a different approach to art demonstrated.  The lesson involved using pearly paint and gouache.  I have a little of the former but none of the latter so I improvised and used other media.  Stenciling was involved and I suck at stencilling but I decided to force myself to not skip that stage.  It started well enough with a pleasing blend of blue, pink, and yellow pearl paint; but then it entered an ugly phase and – when I tried to rescue it –  into an even uglier phase until it looked like sparkling sewage.  It took layer after layer of paint and more time and effort than I actually had available to try and eliminate the glittery poop stage and haul it screaming and kicking back into something half decent.  Then, frankly, I was all out of time and all out of willingness to invest in this one piece.  Time to stop flogging the dead horse and move on to new and less poopy pastures.

11a Pearl Girl

14 thoughts on “Pearl Girl

  1. Whatever lurks below the surface(s) seems to just add some depth to a great painting. If I hadn’t read your tale, I’d never suspect that you struggled with this one.

  2. Ah yes, the well known artistic experience: poop happening and then cleaning it up. Welcome to life as an artist! Half of being a professional artist is knowing how to “fix” mistakes and turn the poop into something purposeful! You did a good job!!!

    • Then I’m definitely firmly planted at the amateur end of the spectrum because my only solution was to keep throwing something at it, layer after layer, to try and cover up the poop. I’m sure a more professional and experienced artist would have known the solution right away. But it’s all a learning process and every mistake is an opportunity. I’m still pretty new to mixed media too.

      • Hate to burst any mythological bubbles Laura – but us pros don’t always know the solution right away either. The best trick I’ve learned is to not make any declarative definitive statements such as “this is poop” and act on them and destroy said art/poop right then. But to instead take several deep breaths, have lunch, go for a walk, visit a friend, do the laundry and sleep on it. The next day (or sometimes in the middle of the night) the solution comes. And yes – it is all a learning process and I have every intention of continuing to learn (about mixed media and everything else) until they carry my bod out of my studio feet first! You are doing great – just keep going!

      • Thanks, Sue. That then is the advantage of me having to work on my art projects across several rations of time rather than in one good block. It forces me to walk away from things so I can return to them with renewed energy and – sometimes – fresh eyes. I am pretty sure had I attempted to rectify this piece in one go it would have been binned. I only had the energy to keep beavering away at it precisely because of the gaps in time. I appreciate your encouragement and your pep talks.

      • Yes!! It is an advantage!! When I’ve given workshops I’ve advocated making ‘creative appointments’ with oneself so as to purposefully work in short bursts. It is also why I work on multiple art projects at a time – short bursts on all – and if I need to ‘think on it’ re one project I can move on to another. You are well on the right track!! I’m glad my encouragement helps – your encouragement re my work certainly helps me! Thank you!!

  3. oh i can only see the layers upon layers of what makes this painting. i don’t know the lesson but you deserve an A for effort and trying your best. she may not look what you have envisioned but she has personality, one that says….hey buddy, don’t ya mess with me! i can carry purple lips!

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