Let Us Eat Cake

This week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Patti Ballard and essentially it was a lesson in painting over collage.  Ballard had delivered a lesson earlier in the Life Book course and I had made a pig’s ear out of it.  I refer to that painting as the “monstrous mermaid”.  I did produce a replacement for that lesson, a replacement mermaid, but that experience meant that I determined I would actually stick with the instructions in the tutorial and not go so far off piste this time with Ballard’s second lesson.

Ballard’s exemplar was of a whimsical female figure with a celebratory cake.  I decided to follow her composition so as to reduce my risk of the lesson going pear-shaped – ever mindful of my mermaid mistakes – and I also stuck with making the figure whimsical.  The idea of a celebratory cake made me think of the famous line attributed to Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake”, so I used the French Queen as the inspiration for my figure, giving her a high stacked hairdo, a wide framed skirt and a fan.  I stamped the phrase “Let us eat cake” onto the painting to convey the idea of celebration, in keeping with the theme of the lesson.  The cake decided me upon using lots of saccharine pink in my palette.

I am quite pleased with how this painting turned out, partly because I feel like I have redeemed myself after my response to Ballard’s previous lesson.

Week 43 - Let Us Eat Cake

9 thoughts on “Let Us Eat Cake

  1. I remember the mermaid and it is so obvious you have become master of your media in the interim!! Watching your progress with new media and styles over this year is making me so excited for next year when I will have the time and space to pick up this course again.

    • Thank you very much firstly for the compliment of remembering my previous art work and secondly for noting my progress. I actually cannot believe, looking back, how far my skill with paint and mixed media have come. When I am focusing on a current piece, all I can see is how much more I still have to learn so looking back is definitely useful.

  2. I remember loving both mermaids, flaws and all. And now this beautiful lady with a delicious cake. I love how you did your collage background, the complementing colors you used and how you did not forget to put your own style.

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