40 Drawings in 40 Days – #29 – Hera

Hera was the goddess of women and marriage.  Given that she was married to her brother, Zeus, I am not sure she was best placed to dispense advice on either subject.

Zeus and Hera were that couple who are always bickering and having domestics.  The couple who no one can fathom why they are still together because they seem only bound by detesting each other.  Zeus would go off on one of his testosterone-fuelled rampages of womanizing and Hera would take revenge by punishing the women – whether consenting mistresses or victims of rape – and she was really quite creative with her vengeance.  She would also take revenge on the offspring who resulted from these extra-marital liaisons.  She famously tried to prevent Heracles’ birth by tying his mother’s legs in knots and, having failed, sent snakes to go and kill him when he was a baby.  Furthermore, if Zeus had a child without her, Hera would birth one without his input too.  Take that, Zeus.  One version of Hephaestus’ myth suggests that he originated from just such a tit-for-tat fatherless conception.  There is also a myth that Hera was impregnated by a lettuce.  Seriously.  Sometimes Hera was just wicked to people out of jealousy or because she felt slighted or just for the sheer merry heck of it.  So, yes, Zeus and Hera were definitely not a couple you would want to have over for dinner.

I decided to draw Hera in profile, having drawn lots of front on faces lately, and the sketch that emerged was reminiscent of the famous bust of Nefertiti.  I am using that influence to justify the slightly peculiar proportions.  Hera is associated with the lion, cow and peacock.  I was tempted to include at least one of her totem beasts in my drawing but it has been a busy day so I opted to keep my drawing simple today.  I am, however, very fond of peacock colours so that seed having been planted is why I chose purple for the dominant colour in the drawing.  Hera is often depicted wearing a high arched crown, called a polos, so I adorned her head with a diadem.  I don’t believe it looks anything like a polos but I liked the way that shape interacted with other shapes in the drawing.  I used my silver ink to suggest Hera’s regality and because it complemented the purple.

29b - Hera



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