Practising Gratitude – Art Journal page

This week’s prompt for the Documented Life Project was to practise gratitude and record what I was grateful for each day of the week.  I am not actually doing the journal element of the project and it has also been a very hectic week managing my kids’ schedules and various other things so recording something every day did not especially appeal to me and nor was it feasible.  Instead, I sat down one afternoon while my littlest played with playdough on the table next to me and I started to doodle a list of things I am generally grateful for all over my art journal page.  As this was a good opportunity for me to practise my typography, I wanted the page to be mainly text and I stuck to just blue and black ink.  I did doodle a bit to fill in the gaps on the white page but still the words dominate.  It was a fun page to create because it was so free-form and because I was taking the time to reflect on all of the things I am grateful for amid a week of hectic activity.  I am also pleased that – although I have not ventured into attempting specific fonts yet – my typography is definitely improving.


2 thoughts on “Practising Gratitude – Art Journal page

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