Fleetwood Mac

On Friday evening, Mr Pict and I saw Fleetwood Mac live in concert.  The tickets were my Christmas present so I had been excited for months to see them perform.  I have been a Fleetwood Mac fan for almost as long as I can remember so I have been listening to them for four decades.  Whenever I sit at my art table and listen to music while I create, I always play the ‘Rumours’ album, probably my favourite album of all time.  I never imagined I would ever have the opportunity to see them perform live so I was flabbergasted when I received the tickets.  Mr Pict is not a Fleetwood Mac fan but he does love seeing live music so he was more than happy to accompany me.

2019-03-22 19.38.52

Friday was also my first time in the Wells Fargo Center.  We were in the cheap seats so I experienced a wee bit of vertigo when I saw how steeply raked the seating was and there was also not much in the way of leg room.  I am 5’3.5″ but even my knees were feeling the ache when I stood up after two hours.  The compact seating meant we also had to get along well with the random strangers seated next to us since we all had no choice but to move and dance in unison given we were all compressed together.  But this minor discomfort was absolutely worth it for the amazing experience of seeing Fleetwood Mac.  They played most of their “greatest hits”, including all but three of the tracks from the original ‘Rumours’ track-listing.  As such, the crowd was able to cheer within a matter of a couple of notes, recognising what song was about to be performed.  It was really quite something to be one of thousands of people all singing along at the same time.  I admit to feeling a wee bit emotional during a couple of my favourite songs because I had never imagined I would ever see them performed live.  The whole concert was fantastic, extremely polished, incredibly engaging.  My voice was strained by the end of the two hours from singing along continuously.  It really was an amazing concert and I feel very lucky indeed to have been able to experience it.

2019-03-22 20.18.58

2019-03-22 22.17.35

PS Excuse the poor quality of the photographs.  My phone doesn’t do well at all in poor lighting.

24 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac

  1. I’m glad you had such a good time. the only real cincert I have ever been to was Alabama and Charlie Daniels together. A friend was at the time was Randy Owens personal sec. so the tickets were free.

    • The exact same one on the same evening? How about that for a coincidence! It really was a fantastic concert. The only one I have been to that comes close is when we saw Elton John back in 1995.

  2. Yes, one of the best albums in history, hands down. It’s great for shooting pool (I’ve lost hundreds to the jukebox on it), and for a chill poolside tan, for doing chores, road trips, for getting dressed and doing make-up, and it makes me want to buy swirly skirty scarfy things to twirl about like Stevie. But nope to steeply raked seating and strangers. I’ll listen to the CD from afar…
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    • Thanks, Kerbey. I definitely went through a bit of a Stevie Nicks wafty clothing period in my teens. You are right about the universal applications of ‘Rumours’. I listen to it when doing chores and always at my art table.

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