Spring into Nature (at last!)

I was beginning to feel like Spring was never going to properly arrive.  It’s been a right wee tease this year with some days of warm sunshine and blue skies immediately followed by the return of chilly, damp air and grey skies and flat light.  At last, however, it seems as if Spring has finally and fully-fledged arrived.  Not a moment too soon either as I was beginning to feel like a hermit and really felt a need – not just a want but a need – to get out and wander around in nature for a good chunk of time.

The kids were vehemently opposed to a long car journey so we stayed local and went for a wander in one of our usual haunts.  It felt good to be among the trees and see the sunshine beating through the leaves, plants beginning to bud, and insects buzzing around.

We played Pooh sticks – increasingly competitively and with a little bit of cheating here and there – and the boys climbed trees and clambered across fallen logs.  We saw wildlife too.  I only managed to capture a turtle on camera but we also saw birds galore, lots of insects, and a running groundhog – which was one of the cutest things I have seen in a while.










The boys were able to get manky and be freely feral and I was able to complete relax allowing them to do so.

Spring is freedom.


13 thoughts on “Spring into Nature (at last!)

  1. “Spring is freedom”–I think that is a great slogan. After feeling somewhat cooped up during the gray days of winter, we all to have a chance to burn off off some energy (especially growing boys).

    • Yes, we really do. I find that I feel much more energised and bright and bubbly when the sun is shining and their is warmth on my skin too. The greyness of winter just makes me want to be a slug.

  2. Great to see you and the “feral” boys getting out into the natural world. The idea of a running groundhog really made my day!

    • Oh my gosh, yes! Ha! I meant to explain that in the post and then clean forgot. He had been making a movie with his younger brothers as a gift for my oldest on his birthday. The eye make-up was part of his costume for the movie and he didn’t want to take time to remove it when I dragged them out for a walk.

    • Thank you. I really don’t like winter so I tend to live like a hermit during that season, only venturing out to the extent that I have to. I am so glad that Spring is here so we can get out and about again.

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