Autumn Fairy – An Intuitive Painting

Week 47 of Life Book was all about the importance of creative play and was led by Chris Zydel.  The lesson was not a tutorial but rather an encouraging talk and, therefore, the outcome was totally free-form.  Frequent readers of my blog will know that I struggle with intuitive painting as I work better when I have a vision, something to work towards.  However, over the course of Life Book so far, I have learned the importance of getting out of my head a bit and just messing around with the materials and seeing what happens.  I am not there yet but I am on the path towards finding the right balance between intuitive and intentional that works for me.

I started by just laying down some colour in different layers.  I use my kitchen table as my art space and that corner of the kitchen has a dual aspect window.  Looking out on the Autumn leaves tumbling from the trees, I found myself reaching for the Autumnal colours of yellow, orange, red and brown.  I scraped paint with an old hotel card, dribbled paint, stencilled and finger painted.  After a while, I began to see a shape form in one area that could be a simplified torso shape.  That triggered the idea for a figure of some sort to be the focal point in my painting.  I decided to add some gold paint in a circle.  I didn’t like how central the circle was, however, so I pulled it into a tilting oval.  That was what gave me an epiphany: the gold oval could be the wing of an Autumn Fairy.

So playing around and being intuitive got me to that juncture and then I worked more intentionally.  I sharpened up the shapes that were the scaffolding of my idea and began the process of painting a figure.  I kept my painting more illustrative and childish, like a picture book illustration, as befitted the subject matter.  I used Neocolor II, Inktense pencils and Posca paint pens to refine everything and add the details.  For all that my stencilling is still spectacularly terrible, I am quite pleased with how this piece turned out and feel like I am a step closer to striking that balance between intuitive and intentional.  My chosen word, right at the beginning of Life Book, was “balance”.  I am pleased I am finding it in different areas of my life.

Week 47 - Autumn Fairy

5 thoughts on “Autumn Fairy – An Intuitive Painting

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  2. Such a beautiful autumn elf! I am glad that you are already in that comfortable path of finding balance between intuitive and intentional painting. You have grown so much with Life Book and had the courage to let go of some of the control. Big hugs to you Laura!

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