Spring Break Day 5 – Cinema and Lego

We decided to have a mid week slump in terms of level of activity so we spent the morning at home base so that the kids could enjoy playing indoors and in the vast garden.  Then in the afternoon we went to the cinema at Tyson’s Corner Mall.  Our oldest son was not bothered about the movie options so he stayed behind with his grandparents and played board games instead. Mr Pict and the two middlies saw ‘Captain America – Winter Soldier’ while I took the youngest to see ‘Rio 2’.  He and I had a bit of time to kill after our film ended but before the other film let out so we had a bit of a wander around the mall.  He liked testing poufs out in a home décor store called West Elm and he was fascinated by the sushi conveyer belts in an eatery.  We also spent some time in the children’s section of Barnes & Noble book store but the thing the littlest Pict loved doing most was just travelling up and down on escalators. 

Once the others had joined us, we headed to the Lego store.  The kids love to make their own minifigures up so they spent some time doing that.  Our 8 year old has read ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy a few times and is a bit obsessed so he wanted to make minifigures that represented characters from those books.  They have a new thing in the lego stores whereby you can hold up a set that contains over 500 pieces to a screen and it then shows a 3D representation of that model.  I asked a staff member to demonstrate how it worked and it was brilliant so my 7 year old and I tried it and nothing happened.  So the same staff member showed me how it worked again and I tried again and yet again nothing happened.  I was going to ask for another demonstration but the 7 year old said that would be embarrassing.




PS  Please excuse the quality of the photos – I am not very good at using the camera on my phone but I didn’t have my DSLR on me.


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