I had my first experience of Freecycle the other week.  Yes, as an organisation Freecycle has been around for quite a while now even in Scotland but it did not exist in the area of Scotland we moved from.  Instead we had a Facebook group for local sales.  That is how I disposed of all of the possessions we sold before relocating to the US.  Having abandoned so much furniture and large items, I joined Freecycle fairly soon after my arrival.  I tried for a few things but without success: I was always pipped at the post by someone quicker off the mark.

Last week, however, I saw a pair of bookcases were listed.  Since all of our books were still in boxes and we did not have adequate shelf space for them to all be unpacked, the shelves would solve one of our storage problems.  I emailed the owner and she got in touch to say that we could have them if we were able to collect them.  This was when things got a bit tricky.  They needed two people to move them and there was no one her end who was physically able to help Mr Pict move them from their location in the house to the back of our car.  The challenge at our end was that someone had to stay home with the kids as, if we all went, there would not be enough room in the car to fit the bookcases.  So we had to decline taking them.  However, the owner then emailed me back to say that she had spoken to a friend of hers who was not only happy to help Mr Pict lift and carry them but who also had a truck and was apparently happy to use it to transport them to our house.  So we arranged a mutually convenient time and lo the bookcases were delivered to our house.  All for free.  We were very grateful and gifted the owner a box of chocolates as a token of our appreciation for her going the extra mile to organise her friend to help us.

Another example of the kindness of strangers.

And now every single one of our books has a home.

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