Zendoodle Butterfly

The second lesson of this week’s Life Book course was taken by Tamara Laporte and was a symbolic representation of leaving things behind in order to make room for greater positivity and attainment.  It involved creating a vibrant background with spray inks and then drawing a butterfly shape filled with doodles.  It was a really enjoyable project because it was so accessible.  I have a love-hate relationship with spray inks: I love their intensity but I cannot get them to behave like I want them to.  The great thing about using them in this random, splotchy way is that I did not have to try and control them and could just have fun with them without any frustration.  Doodling inside shapes is something I have been doing for many years, long before I heard the term zendoodle.  That concept makes sense to me, however, because it is very relaxing to doodle in that way.  The sun shape is filled with what I would like to achieve which is greater self-belief and self-confidence while the trail behind the butterfly is filled with the things I want to let go off, particularly my fear of failure and my feeling of not being “good enough” in areas of my life.  Essentially I need to set myself more reasonable expectations and stop nagging at myself, get that inner critic to pipe down a bit.  We shall see how that pans out.

Week 2 - Zendoodle Butterfly