Abominable Snowman

It is only January and I am already so over Winter.  I like to be warm and cosy.  I dislike shovelling.  My kids have not and will not have a full week of school this month thanks to snow days, early dismissals, and late arrivals.  While I love spending time with my kids, it has been pretty disruptive and we are a family who does better with routine.  Winter is the price I pay for getting to enjoy the other seasons of the year.  Alas, it is too early for me to even start searching out the first signs of Spring.

Anyway, thoughts of snow, ice, and winter chill inspired my most recent art journal page.  Technically it is a response to the Art Journal Adventure prompt which was the letter A.  I had already been thinking about creating an illustration of a Yeti so I am just labelling him as the Abominable Snowman to fulfil the prompt.  I love monsters and mythology and cryptids so I always enjoy drawing them.  This yeti is inspired by a painting I did in my altered book of monsters a couple of years ago.  That painting was just the face but this time I drew the whole body.

2 Abominable Snowman - Yeti - Art Journal Page

Inktober 2016 – #17 Bigfoot

For yesterday’s Inktober drawing, I again did without a prompt as I didn’t have any interesting ideas springing forth from either set of prompts I have been using.  I decided to draw Bigfoot.  He is a bit more stern and gruff looking than the Bigfoot (or Sasquatch or Yeti) that I painted in my book of monsters but I don’t think he is too scary looking.  Within thirty seconds of starting to draw in the little individual hairs I was regretting that decision.  Trying to get all of those drawn within the space of my morning tea break was a challenge.  Had I not drawn them, I could have just called him the Abominable Snowman.

17 Inktober 2016 - Bigfoot-Sasquatch-Yeti