I am woman; hear me roar!

This week’s Documented Life Project prompt was to use paint and to document “How do I face my biggest challenge?”

It took me a long time to ponder the subject for my page.  I have experienced a wide variety of challenges in my life, from the small to the large, the simple to the complex, the flash-in-the-pan to the long-lived.  My mind was flibber-gibbeting all over the place.  Some ideas I dismissed outright as they were too personal.  Then I had a bit of an epiphany.  I realised there was a common thread to how I overcame all the hurdles and challenges I have faced in life: I just dig deep, tell myself I will overcome as generations have done before me, as others have done in much more difficult contexts, give myself a bit of a shake and get on with it.

I cannot even recall the mental segues I took to get from that thought to the Willendorf Venus but I decided a version of her would be the central image of my journal page.  I used acrylic paint and inktense pencils to create my art journal page.  I then stamped the phrase “I am woman; hear me roar” across the top of the page.  My sons think this journal page is hilarious.

Week 33 - Facing Challenges - Willendorf Venus