Til Death Do Us Part

Last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt was connected to the old wedding tradition – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  I liked the challenge of it really being four prompts rolled into one and the possibility of interpreting it either literally, piece by piece, or connecting it to marriage traditions.

I actually started with the “borrowed” element.  I decided to borrow an idea from my kids and asked them for suggestions based on the prompts.  One of them suggested an illustration of a bride and groom and one of them suggested zombies so, of course, I had to mash up those ideas and illustrate a zombie wedding photo.  My something “old” was my art journal as this was the very last page of my current art journal.  The something “new” was the fountain pen I used for drawing because I have only had it for a few months and have not used it much for drawing.  The choice of watercolours was the obvious answer to the “blue” part.  I certainly enjoyed drawing zombies again but I also think the end result is rather fun.

23 Til Death Do Us Part - Zombies

The Platinum Anniversary

Today is my Platinum Wedding Anniversary – or China if we want to be more traditional about it but I like shiny things so I am going with platinum.  Mr Pict and I have been married for twenty years.  Two.  Whole.  Decades.  We’ve weathered peaks and troughs – or hills and glens – supported each other through trying times, celebrated many joys together, encouraged and nurtured each other since that day in Edinburgh twenty years ago.  Having married when we were pretty young, we have somewhat also “grown up” together, and we are of course raising our gaggle of sons together.  It has been a wonderful twenty years and they have actually flown by.  Here’s to twenty more.  And then twenty more after that.  And more for good luck.


Wedding Anniversary