Improvising with Wax and Salt

This week’s Life Book lesson was a bonus, mini lesson with Alisa Burke all about using everyday things in our artwork.  I am a big fan of the “make do and mend” philosophy in all aspects of my life.  Remember that I take great joy in being thrifty and also in recycling.  This applies to my art supplies too: I strive to use what I already have and improvise when a supply is needed that I don’t possess.  This lesson, therefore, really just reaffirmed my own approach.

Burke provided some exemplars of utilising stationery supplies and household objects as mark making and other tools to deploy in creating art.  I decided to challenge myself by mark making with something that was not designed for that purpose: a candle.  I decided to draw with the candle and use it in a wax resist technique.  This proved to be more challenging that it sounds because I could not see the wax on the paper at all, no matter what angle I held the paper towards the light at.  I was, therefore, forced to produce a blind drawing and keep things very simple.  Consequently, it was interesting for me to see what emerged on the page when I added the watercolour wash.  As an afterthought, I sprinkled some salt into the areas of the watercolour that were still wet and puddly.  I have used salt in my ink work before but have not used it for a while.  I need to remember it more often.  I am not that happy with it but it was a fun experiment and I appreciated that it was a very quick and accessible tutorial this week.

Week 42 - Improvise - Wax, watercolour and salt

Registration for Life Book 2016 has now opened.  I have enjoyed participating this year and have learned loads of new techniques and skills so I am going to be taking the course next year again.