Rainbow Art Journal – Ms Teapot

I normally have a very clear idea of what I am going to create when I sit down at my art table. Sometimes the idea evolves as I draw and develops in a different direction and sometimes I abandon ideas and start over but it is rare for me to begin sketching when I have zero vision. This illustration, however, is the result of one such occasion and I honestly could not even begin to explain the segues in terms of pencil lines and thinking that produced this. I think we should all be glad that I am not a potter and could not, therefore, make this as an actual teapot.

90 - Ms Teapot

Rainbow Art Journal – Time for Tea

I work on art projects in small parcels of time throughout the day rather than in one big chunk. This is the practice and habit I have been getting back into over this Summer break. My sketching time, where I develop an idea and map it out on the page, is during my morning mug of tea. That, therefore, is what provided me with the subject for this page. The colour palette was suggested by this page being the transition between the pink section and the neutral section in my Rainbow Art Journal. I do incidentally appreciate that this journal is not strictly limited to the colours in the spectrum of the rainbow and I definitely understand that neutral is not even the name of a specific colour group. However, this is just an art journal for my experiments and doodles so rules don’t matter.

88 - Time for Tea

A Quick Cup of Watercolour Tea

Just as I have taken on more art projects – courses, personal challenges, commissions – the free time I have to devote to art has shrunk.  Trying to eke out time for sitting down with my materials is proving ever more challenging so I am hoping that the pendulum will swing back into a more reasonable balance soon.  I was very thankful, therefore, that this week’s Life Book lesson was all about brevity.  The whole point of the lesson – which was taken by Martha Lever – was to produce small, loose watercolour sketches in just a few minutes.  That was something I could actually tackle while cooking dinner.  The exemplar was of botanical studies, flowers pulled from the imagination and loosely painted, but flowers are not really my thing when it comes to art.  I love flowers, I like other people’s paintings of flowers, but flowers are not my muse and I don’t do a good job of drawing them.  I decided, therefore, to paint something that does inspire me: tea drinking.  Each little study probably took me about three minutes.  Yay for speed art!

Week 9 - Quick Watercolour Studies - Tea