Rainbow Art Journal – Tea Cozy

This is the final page in the yellow section of my Rainbow Art Journal.  I reflected on what things I associate with yellow, the things my mind conjures up when I think of that colour, and one of the things I kept coming back to was warmth and of feeling cozy.  This illustration seems appropriate for the transition from Autumn into Winter when my thoughts turn to hibernation and my habits become more hermit-like.  For me, the apex of feeling cozy is about being indoors, all tucked up in a sweater or a blanket, and drinking a steaming hot mug of tea.  That gave me both the idea for the illustration and the colour palette – yellow for warmth and light brown for milky tea.  I often use neutrals with a brighter colour but the neutrals I use tend to be black, white, or grey, so this was a useful experiment in using brown in that capacity.  I think that, in this particular instance, the yellow might be too bold and the brown too pale for the palette to cohere but I will continue to experiment with using brown as a neutral.

43 - Tea Cozy

Everything Stops For Tea

This week’s Documented Life Project journal prompt was to use repeating elements.  It is perhaps a signifier of just how stereotypically British I am and certainly of how much of a tea addict I am that I instantly thought of tea cups.

It has been over a year now since I attended my first MeetUp and I have been enjoying going along to the Art Journal group one Sunday a month – with a few skipped – as it is always a pleasure to meet up with other creative people and while away some time doing something I enjoy with lovely company.  Yesterday was the monthly meeting for February so I decided to work on my DLP page.  We meet in a coffee shop and I just had my travel art kit with me which obviously limited the media I could use but that just added to the challenge and, quite honestly, after all of the weeks of layering I was more than happy to keep things a lot simpler and quicker this week.

I started by splodging some brown watercolour paint onto my page and then I edged it with washi tape not really because it added to the page but more in order to cover up some mucky paint marks that had invaded from other pages in my journal.  I cut out my own little teacup element from some card and then set about cutting out the teacups from bits of scrap paper.  It was a great way to use up some small scraps left over from other collaging projects.  I used bits of gelli plate prints, some paper used to clean a brayer, some scraps of origami paper and one of the ladies at the MeetUp kindly gave me a wee piece of her scrapbooking paper to use.  I glued the teacups down the approximate centre of the page as a stack.  That left me with large areas of negative space on each side so I decided to write the phrase “Everything stops for tea” to fill it up.

So here it is, my visual ode to my love of tea.

Week 8 - Repeating Elements