Rainbow Art Journal – Sphynx Cat in Stripes

I am a cat person. I am currently owned by two cats, Satchi and Peanut. My youngest son has an obsession with cats so we often scroll through cat content on my phone when we are bored in waiting rooms. Cats make me happy. A new addition to my cat joy, however, is sphynx cats and here’s the thing: I don’t even particularly like them. All of the cats who have ever owned me have just been moggies, not a breed among them, and sphynx cats are a very specific breed with a very peculiar aesthetic. My husband, however, finds them repellant. The thought of a bald cat curling up on his lap skeeves him out. This discovery has led me to seek out photos and videos of sphinx cats to randomly send to my husband just to aggravate him. (Please don’t worry about marital discord – bugging each other in insignificant ways is one of our family’s love languages.) Website algorithms being what they are, the net result of all of this is that I have been consuming an awful lot of sphynx cat content lately.

All of this preamble is the context of why I chose to draw a sphynx cat in the final page of the pink section of my Rainbow Art Journal. The drawing itself was simple and easy so the challenge for me was with the media I used to add colour. I am determined to get to grips with gouache but simultaneously keep procrastinating over using it. I was actually pretty pleased with what I accomplished with painting the head of the cat. I effectively treated the gouache as watercolour but it worked out. The background disc and the strips gave me more difficulty because I was using a thicker dilution of the gouache.

87 - Sphynx Cat in Stripes

I could not get this illustration to photograph accurately, partly because of the lighting conditions and partly because the hot pink seems to knock the other hues out of kilter. What reads as neutral-brown and mustard tones in the photograph are actually orange and yellow-orange in real life. Making adjustments was just making things worse so this is the best version of the image I could produce.

PS I smudged paint with my hand in the bottom right of the page and I tried to cover it up using white gouache. The patch job is much less obvious in real life but I still need a better solution to covering up smudges. I also need to stop being so messy in the first place.