Small Differences: Bin Bags

Bin bags (garbage sacks?) here smell faintly spicy.  Maybe it is just the brand my husband bought but they have a definite whiff of 1970s Dad Aftershave about them.  That type of spicy.  Not delicious curry spicy.  This is not an aroma I have come across when dealing with British bin bags.  There they either smell of nasty plastic or else they smell of nasty plastic and pesticide.

In one of the schools I worked in as a High School English Teacher, there was an annual competition between form classes to decorate their classroom for Christmas.  The themes were quite elaborate because the students were very competitive.  My form class decorated our room as “Christmas in the Trenches” which meant a couple of weeks of teaching in a room filled with soil and splintery duck boards and the occasional bloodied bandage dangling from a book shelf.   It cast a sombre pall over every lesson.  However, in the other classroom I taught in, the form class based there had decided on a horror house theme which apparently necessitated them lining the walls and even most of the windows with black bin bags.  For weeks I had to teach in a room that reeked of pesticide.  It was Winter, of course, so the radiators were on full blast which generated what amounted to toxic fumes.  It was ghastly.

So spicy bin bags are definitely an improvement.  US bin bags win the international war on refuse sacks.

Who knew I could mediate on bin bags, eh?