The Elements

I believe I have mentioned before that my ability to draw convincing, expressive faces has deteriorated since I emigrated no doubt as a result of no longer attending a life drawing class.  I confess that in my decade of life drawing it was rare for me to produce a portrait that looked like the sitter but I was able to draw an accurate face with character and expression.  Over the past eighteen months, my skills have atrophied to the point of being rusted.  I am trying, therefore, to practice faces whenever possible to try and grease up my artistic joints and get my skills limber again.

Therefore, when this week’s Documented Life Project prompt was revealed, I instantly thought to draw faces as another opportunity to practice.  The suggestion was to doodle and mark make as a layering element and the prompt was “surviving the elements”.  This past month has been excruciatingly cold and icy and a dumping of heavy snow last week led to two consecutive snow days for my boys so I could easily have taken the weather route with the prompt.  However, with my mind on faces, I decided to personify the four elements: earth, air, water and fire.

The four faces I drew in response to the art journal prompt still lack personality but I am getting better at proportions and eyes with each face I draw.  I bought some Prismacolor pencils on sale earlier in the year so I decided to crack the tin open and have a whirl at using them.  I don’t normally work with coloured pencils at all so that was a minor challenge.  I then doodled and marked in coloured gel pen to fulfil the other prompt for this week.  Not a great success but not a disaster either.

Week 10 - Elements 1

Week 10 - Elements 2

Week 10 - Elements 3

Week 10 - Elements 4