Taking a Wee Break

Happy July, Dear Readers!

I am going to be having a completely and utterly busy July.  As such, I have decided to take a month long break from blogging on Pict in PA.  However, all the activity that shall be keeping me busy will mean I have a cornucopia of blog fodder when I resume posting.  In addition to some summer adventures and explorations, I am going to be working with my kids on a History of Art project.  You can, therefore, brace yourself for lots of posts in August.

I am going to keep blogging on my art blog, Pict Ink, for a wee bit longer but will then also have a brief break from blogging there too.

I am also going to grab this opportunity to thank all of my readers and followers (over 300 of you, which is staggering to me) for visiting my blog, liking and commenting.  Interaction with all of you – whether through comments here or through visiting your blogs – keeps me motivated and engaged in blogging.  Thank you!

See you in August!


My First Blogiversary

A little musical tinkle on my phone just informed me that today is the first anniversary of my blog.  I had forgotten that I had started blogging so soon after my arrival in America so it came as quite a surprise.

Since I recently wrote a blog entry reflecting on my first year in America, I won’t rehash the same thought processes in this anniversary post.  I never imagined that so many people would pop by and visit my blog on a regular basis, that anyone would find what I wrote about settling into life in a new country interesting or engaging, so I am beyond thrilled to have regular readers.  When I started this blog, I never even contemplated having readers and I have to say that one of the best aspects of blogging turns out to be the dialogue I get into with the people who visit and comment or with the people whose blogs I visit.  It’s like having an online natter and it’s really enjoyable.

As my blogging year has progressed, my posts seem to have split into two different categories: writing about the personal experiences of myself and my family, sharing our travels and explorations, my grumbles, rants and achievements; and my creative endeavours and sharing my art work.  As such, I recently decided to launch a separate blog for my art work so that I could divide those two aspects of my writing more coherently, though I imagine there shall be some crossover for a bit.

Should you like to continue following my artistic pursuits, therefore, you can do so at Pict Ink.  I would be delighted to see you there.  Of course, I rather hope you will continue to stop by Pict in PA as well as Pict Ink.

Thank you, everyone, for reading and commenting and giving me the impetus to keep writing and sharing this past year.  It’s been a great deal of fun and I hope it will continue to be in this coming year and beyond.