Inktober 2016 – #21 Phantom

While yesterday’s Inktober drawing took me a good while, I had to keep today’s drawing short and simple.  The Drawlloween prompt was “Phantom Phriday” and at first I thought of drawing the Phantom of the Opera.  However, I painted the Lon Chaney version in my altered book last year and wanted to avoid simply replicating that but I could not think of an alternative version who would be freaky enough for my sketchbook.  So then I thought of a phantom as being a ghost and that seemed much easier and simpler to draw in a hurry this morning.  No filling in, just line work.  Job done and so far I am keeping up with this challenge to draw daily.

21 Inktober 2016 - Phantom - Ghost

The Phantom Gear Stick

I’ve been driving on the US for a month now and finally, just today, I managed to undertake an entire car journey without my hand reaching out for a non-existent gear stick. My left leg fell into listless line about a week ago but my hand would not so kept reaching for the phantom gear stick – or stick shift as they say here. Now my left hand gets to be mostly indolent too.