40 Drawings in 40 Days – #6 – Pegasus

Having drawn Medusa yesterday, it is entirely appropriate that today I was challenged with drawing Pegasus, apt because Pegasus is the offspring of Medusa.  Of course, I don’t think that is why Pegasus was so high on the list created by my own offspring.  Rather that would be because my 7 year old son is obsessed with horses, unicorns and pegasuses (seriously, what is the plural of Pegasus?).

According to some versions of the Medusa myth, Medusa was pregnant (to Poseidon) at the time of her death.  Therefore, when Perseus beheaded her, that unborn child sprang forth as the winged horse Pegasus.  No idea how the genetics works on that one.  Pegasus was captured by the hero Bellerophon and agreed to help him with his heroic missions, including defeating the Chimera.

Despite the fact that my horse-mad 7 year old makes me draw them all the time, I suck at drawing horses.  I just cannot get the proportions and shapes right.  In my sketch version I scribbled and erased a lot before I got an outline I was satisfied, if not entirely happy, with.  I also opted for a much more graphic rather than representational style of drawing because I was more capable of that than anything that actually looked like a realistic horse, even one with wings.

Traditionally Pegasus is a pure white stallion but part of my challenge is to work with watercolour in my drawings.  I, therefore, opted to use some pale blues to underline the connection between the horse and the sky.  I then drew the outline in ultramarine ink with my dip pen, except for the eye which is black.

As a horse, it’s a pretty rubbish drawing.  My 7 year old, however, declares it to be “awesome” so that is all right with me.

2014-09-06 22.53.09