Ninjas Know No Fear

This week’s Colour Me Positive prompt was about being fearless.  There was a quotation and an additional prompt to use cut out words on the page.  I produced my page while with my monthly art journal MeetUp group – the first time I have been able to attend in several months – and decided to work on an illustration since I was using my portable journalling supplies.  My idea was to draw a group of sneaky, stealthy ninjas because ninjas are fearless.  And pretty cool.  I have doodled little ninjas many times before and even created a small lino block print of one a couple of years ago.  They are fun, quick, and easy to draw.  I used black and red ink for this art journal page because it kept things simple and because I enjoy using limited colour palettes.  I hope the ninjas make you smile.

8 - Fearless - Ninjas - Art Journal Page


Carving a Ninja

I don’t do New Year Resolutions but I have decided to set myself some goals for this year, many of which are designed to encourage me to find time for myself and my hobbies and interests.  One of my goals, therefore, is to try and produce more finished works of art this year.  As I have mentioned before, my artistic side had to go into stasis in the past year as all of my spare time was spent on immigration paperwork, researching life in America and shedding and eventually packing our possessions.  There was little or no time left for art or scope for creativity.  Now that the family is pretty settled here now and I have things running to a fairly predictable routine, I have determined that I will find time in each week to be creative and produce a work of art – not necessarily completing it in one week, of course, but working towards a finished piece.

So with that in mind, yesterday afternoon I decided to carve a lino block in order to make a print.  At  last week’s Art Journaling group I had doodled ninjas all over a page so I decided to work one of those doodles up into a print.  My hand ached at the end of the afternoon but it really did feel good to do something creative and produce something artistic.  And my kids loved it so that made me happy too.

So this is it, my first work of art produced in America: Ninja.



(PS The print is straight; my photograph of it is not.)