Seeds of Love

This week’s Life Book lesson was entitled Seeds of Love and was taken by the course organiser, Tamara Laporte.  I am particularly enjoying her lessons because she goes into such depth explaining the concepts and techniques being demonstrated.  This particular lesson focused on value contrast, layering and whimsical versions of botanical, organic shapes.

This was definitely a piece that required both patience and faith.  There were so many steps involved in the process that patience was required to let each layer fully dry and set before progressing.  Happily that works for my schedule anyway as I do my arty stuff in bursts between other chores and commitments.  Faith was required because my version of this piece went through a definite ugly stage before it all pulled together into something coherent.  I had a better experience with the neocolors this time though I could have done a more skillful job of blending them.  It was really only when the black and white paint pens were added to reinforce the lines and shapes and create little details with the doodles that the ugly mess I was creating finally looked pleasing.  As per the lesson, I added a few words.  I chose words that connected to the botanical theme but which also could function as metaphors.

In many ways, the finished piece is reminiscent of the zombie animals I draw with ink.  It makes me think about creating a mixed media version of my zombie bunnies.

Week 6 - Seeds of Love

Please excuse the wonky angle in the photo.

Beacon of Light

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have committed to Life Book 2015 for this year – my first ever online art course – in order to develop my skills and confidence with mixed media.  The first lesson was by Tamara Laporte, the creative mastermind behind the course, and involved the creation of a figurative painting on the theme of “Beacon of Light”.

I followed the lesson as closely as I could with the media and materials that I possess but used my own style of drawing for the figure instead of adopting the tutor’s whimsical style.  This was my first experience of using Caran D’Ache Neocolor II water soluble crayons and already I am smitten.  They are rich and creamy with strong, vibrant pigment and a little goes a long way – which is just as well since they were a bit of an investment.  The tutorial video incorporated glitter to add additional sparkle and light to the painting.  I don’t own glitter so I used some of my gold ink for some of the key elements of the drawing and used dots of white acrylic paint to suggest light.

There are definitely things I would change about the painting if I were to start over but for a first lesson I am pretty pleased with what emerged on the paper.

Week 1 - Beacon of Light - 2

Week 1 - Beacon of Light - 3