The Home Run

This is my last week of living in our rental property.  Friday is our settlement date on our new house and we will be all moved in by next Tuesday.

I cannot wait to be a home owner again.  I know renting works really well for some people and there was certainly a period in our lives where it worked well for us.  However, I need the stability of owning my own home and now more than ever  – having started over in a new country – we need the financial security of investing in bricks and mortar.  We feel both lucky and glad that within a year of emigrating we will own our own home for just those very reasons.  There are things I will miss about our rental house – for example, from when I first saw ‘Gremlins’, I always wanted a laundry chute and the rental house has one whereas our new house does not – and I will miss the lovely neighbours we have but there are also lots of things that are aggravating about the house and which we, as tenants, did not have the authority or autonomy to put right.  We will have somewhere we can actually call home.  I cannot wait to move.

I am excited to have a house I can put my own stamp on again.  I already have a bag full of paint cards to browse and we will have to pick out furniture and then arrange our possessions throughout the house to have it feeling like us, personalising the spaces, filling it with our old memories and making new ones.  We will have a kitchen on the same level as our garden once again which means opportunities for outdoor dining, and not just when having a barbecue; the boys will have bigger bedrooms so we can fit more of their things in their rooms and can have the rooms reflecting their tastes and interests; there is a breakfast table in a very well-lit corner of the kitchen that I can use as my art table while looking at birds gathering at the feeder outside; I am going to somehow turn the unused basement into a spare room / kids’ TV room / playroom and transform it from being a blank and unloved space into a cosy hangout;   I have so many plans and ideas!  I cannot wait to start putting them into action.

2014-08-18 10.44.32

An art journal page I created to commemorate us moving into our new house.