Jekyll and Hyde

I decided to tackle an Art Journal Adventure prompt in my art time.  The prompt I chose from the ones I have skipped was the letter J combined with “something that shows half”.  Frequent readers of my blog will know how my mind works and understand why I immediately settled upon illustrating Jekyll and Hyde.  I interpreted “half” was being about duality but also chose to represent it literally by splitting my illustration in half and making one side more Jekyll and one side more Hyde.  I think I just about got what was in my head onto paper.

27 - Jekyll & Hyde - Art Journal Page

Inktober 2016 – #6 Mr Hyde

Today’s official Inktober prompt is “Hidden” so I am sure you can understand the segues in my mind when I tell you that I chose to draw Mr Hyde today.  I painted a Jekyll / Hyde character in my altered book of monsters last year and that time I tried to fuse the two – a man who superficially looked balanced and civilized but who was monstrous beneath – but for my Inktober drawing I just chose to depict horrid little Hyde.  He has ended up looking like a hybrid of the Babadook and Dr Caligari.  My imagination, it seems, is never too far away from monster movie imagery.

6 Inktober 2016 - Mr Hyde