Art Journal Catch Up – Last of 2014

I have been on vacation over the winter break (those blog posts are to come) so I am doing a bit of catch up with this post to try and get myself organised.  I completed the last two weeks of the 2014 Documented Life Project while I was away.

The first of those prompts was to document my favourite holiday tradition.  For me, the best part of Christmas is spending fun-filled, relaxing quality time with loved ones and the thing that symbolises that for me is Christmas dinner, a celebration of togetherness and feasting.  I did a quick watercolour sketch of a roast turkey, roast potatoes, veggies, gravy and wine – because you need something to wash all that food down after all – and then wrote the words “eat”, “drink” and “make merry” around the edge of the page to function almost as a border.  Quick and simple but it did the job.

Week 52 - Holiday Tradition

The final prompt for 2014 was to draw, paint or collage something that began with the same letter as my initial.  I tried to find something relevant from my week that began with L (for Laura) but, no matter how I rummaged around in my brain, I could not think of something.  Therefore, since I could not use the prompt to document something relevant about my life, I went for something completely random.  Lemurs.  I cut up a couple of pages from a magazine to collage the L shape and then I used an ink pen to draw the lemurs.  Quick and simple again.

Week 53 - Initial Letter

I joined the project late but I am proud to say that I completed every single weekly challenge from the point that I joined onwards.  It was really useful to have the prompts as encouragement to art journal at least once a week, to dig out a bit of time in my schedule to do something creative.  And for 2015 I am going to try and eke out even more time for creativity.  But that is for the next post.