Back to Blighty #14 – Cake and Rowing at Fraser’s Wagon

The final visit of our trip to Mid-Argyll was to see my good friend, the artist Fraser MacIver.  Fraser lives in a converted showman’s wagon on the bank of the Crinan Canal, his studio surrounded by his beautiful garden.  Should you ever find yourself in Mid-Argyll, I highly recommend a visit to Fraser’s Wagon.  He always has art on display in his studio and always has a warm welcome for visitors, whether old friends or strangers.  Fraser introduced us to Fred the cat – a new companion since my last visit to the Wagon – and fed us with delicious banana cake, still so steaming hot from the stove that the frosting melted all over it.  A special treat for the boys was a jaunt in Fraser’s dinghy.  My oldest was given a brief and rudimentary lesson in rowing and took two of his brothers out for a whirl in the canal.