A Jar of Favourites

This week’s lesson on Life Book was taken by Lynn Whipple and was entitled “Favourite Favourites”.  The idea was to reflect on all of the favourite things in our lives and to create a painting of a jar to contain all of those favourite things.  Cue lots of Julie Andrews singing in my head.  The lesson seemed to perfectly complement the Jar of Awesome lesson.

The techniques deployed were really fun.  Painting somewhat sloppily with very liquid watercolour, finger painting and splattering with watercolour.  Although I work with watercolour frequently and I enjoy splattering ink and paint, this was actually the first time I had ever splattered with watercolour.  Definitely something to do again as I loved the way the splattered pigment began to bleed into the wet paint on the paper.  Remarkably, while I draw with an ink dip pen all the time, I never use it to write with.  I think that lack of practice is probably evident from the finished piece with its scratchiness, inconsistent line weight and the bleeding of the ink in some areas of the paper.  I also enjoyed creating the positive shape by painting the negative space.  That is an approach I will use again.

I generated my list of favourite things by just plucking them from the top of my head.  My hobbies are in there and so is rather a lot of food.  It seems like eating might be my favourite hobby of all.  I even asked myself what my favourite herb was.  Food Glorious Food.  A brainworm to replace Julie Andrews.  It’s a very eclectic list that includes items running from Art to Zombies.  Raspberries, Rome and rust.  It is certainly a diverse range of things that make me happy.

Week 9 - Favourites

What would top your list of favourite things?