Kids Designing T-Shirts

One of the things my boys really wanted to do over this summer break was to design their own t-shirts.  It is not something we have ever done before.  I don’t craft or create with any textiles – beyond making the occasional sock monkey or sock monster – so I don’t tend to think in terms of fabric when doing arts and crafts projects with the kids.  This, therefore, was an idea they generated entirely of their own accord.  Last week they went and picked out self-coloured t-shirts and then we went to the art and craft store and selected some easy to use fabric pens.  We had a lazy afternoon on Wednesday so the boys had the opportunity to settle down and create their t-shirts.  The middle two boys are obsessed – crazily so – with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ so one of them drew Rocket Raccoon and one of them drew Star-Lord.  My oldest eats, breathes and sleeps Minecraft so as soon as he chose a green t-shirt I knew he was going to produce something Minecraft inspired and I was not wrong.  The little one decided he wanted a shark design so I drew the shark outline for him and he drew all of its other features, plus a scuba diver and some fish.  They really enjoyed the activity and I think they did a great job.